I took the workshop "Ladies Start Your Engines" primarily to meet Cindy Fox but was also excited by the description of being stuck. The exercises in the seminar were surprisingly challenging and very thought provoking. 

The participants were challenged to think, feel and speak openly and change how they view themselves and their "place" in the world. 
We were all moved beyond the boundaries we have been taught all our lives never to challenge or question. Am I unstuck? 
I certainly did begin on that path and am moving forward with plans to continue to find my way. I made some very valuable decisions and contacts on that day and feel more centered and hopeful that I am on the right path than I have in a very long time.

Thank You Cindy. 
workshop attendee – Cindy French

I just wanted to tell you what an impact your workshop 
had on me! I was at church today and was singing this song, with the words "no storm can shake my inner calm." 
I have been singing your praises ever since I met you! I am sending a reluctant client your way (I think I have her 90% convinced that this is something she could benefit from.) I may even have to give her a ride to your place. Anyway, would you like her background, or would you rather she tell you about herself on her own? Her situation is pretty urgent, so my goal is to get her to call you this week. 
Please have another workshop… 
I know of many people that would come. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
workshop attendee – Peg