Please take a moment and watch this brief video of Cindy's current Seminar and Workshop titled "The Art of Thinking"

The Art of Thinking:

Thinking is the foundation of EVERYTHING that we do. Our assumptions, beliefs, experiences, observations and perceptions yield our conclusions.  With that knowledge and the experience of taking this workshop your life can become beyond your wildest dreams.

This is the most valuable, life transforming workshop that has ever been developed in the history of She’s Unlimited.  Taking “people past their past” using the holistic approach creates results no other workshop can produce.  During our time together the clients are able to Identify, Heal and Reclaim themselves.  The process is quick, simple and life changing.  Three of the many results are, Improved health, relationships be it work, family or romantic, take on a whole new life and people are able to gain control in areas they never dreamed possible. Remember thinking is not a science, it’s a learned behavior. You too can learn to have the life you have always dreamed of.


Using her own unique, entertaining and engaging style, Cindy Fox, a veteran of the Speaking and Seminar circuit offers fun filled, jam-packed, educational and inspirational seminars meant to awaken the vast potential inherent in everyone's spirit.

With a refreshing approach, Cindy demonstrates methods geared for a rapidly changing and challenging world -

going beyond the masks of habit forming, stale patterns of thought to an open environment where new ideas and lives have the opportunity to grow and prosper.

Cindy's timely and purposeful seminars cater to the increasing number of people who are open and ready for new tools and resources to better prepare their mind, spirit and body for "Beyond Your Wildest Dreams."